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Updated February 24th, 2018

What is the Tulip Rallye?

And how does it work?

Open to all makes, types of cars, and clubs!

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The route is entirely on public, paved roads, no off-roading. The event is suitable for all vehicles and driver skill levels. It is a laid back and casual "gimmick rallye" where the challenge is to spot and record the answers to questions based on signs and objects found along the way while following turn-by-turn route driving instructions, devilishly laid out by the Rallyemaster, whose job it is to make you laugh as you attempt to find the answers to the rather silly questions, riddles, and trivia. Also note that we don't use the traditional "tulip" symbols in the route instructions.

This is not a traditional time-speed-distance event. No special knowledge nor equipment is needed to enjoy your car, your companion, the company of fellow enthusiasts and incredible roads and scenery.

Begun in 1982 as a way for a few enthusiastic members of the MG Car Club Northwest Centre (MGCCNWC established in 1957) to tour the scenic Skagit Valley, this event has grown to include as many as 300 cars from over 30 car clubs from as far away as Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia.

The Tulip Rallye has become a "must do" spring event for those car enthusiasts who truly enjoy the thrill of driving on country roads with so many other like-minded car hobbyists!

How Does It Work?

At the starting line you will be given a route book with turn-by-turn driving instructions. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will stay on course. Refer to this example of route instructions:

Route Book page example


You have the option of not attempting to answer the questions if you desire not to participate in the gimmick portion. Just follow the route and enjoy the drive. If you decide to not answer the questions, please check the space on the top left side of the coversheet. This will alert our team of scorers to not process your route book and thus saves us time.

The questions will be found between driving commands on the route instruction pages. The questions can take the form of puns, riddles, multiple choice, or trivia. The answers to most questions will be found on objects that exist along the route. The object that the question is based upon will be found at a physical location somewhere between one driving command and the next driving command. It can appear anywhere along that leg of the route, but it can be plainly seen looking ahead or to the side but never back across your shoulder behind you.

Some years we include rest stops along the way. At that location you will have to park your car and walk around to find answers to the questions. This will be plainly indicated in the route book.

The answers to trivia questions will not be found along the route. Typically trivia questions are placed in the route instructions on route legs where physical objects were sparse along the road. We attempt to write trivia questions that cannot be answered by the use of smart phones...

As you return to the mall parking lot, follow the sawhorse signs and look for the checker flag which marks the finish line. You will be given a finish time to record on the route book coversheet and then hand the route book to one of the event workers who will also direct you to a parking spot.

After the door prize drawing is finished and all route books graded the questions and answers will be read and the awards presented to the winners from each car club.

You do not have to stay for the drawing and awards, however you must be present to win a door prize.

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