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Updated December 21, 2017

The Starting Procedure

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For many years cars were sent out on the route in the order of the assigned car number.

Sometimes this did not work well.

Again the mall management was concerned about the time and congestion that resulted from the old method. We had discussions with the mall management that resulted in our seeking a new method.

Being in 2017 we stopped using car numbers in the starting procedure.

Please refer to the image below:

    We will start at the south end of our assigned parking area.

    Two or three rows of cars will be worked at a time.

    Teams of Rallye Workers will come to you, using the following procedure, to get you started.

    Please don't leave your parking spot until directed by a Rallye Worker.

  • First: All occupants of each car will be required to sign the waiver form.

  • Second: Once the waiver form is sign, you will be handed a route book and given a start time. Please record the start time in the proper place on the route book cover sheet. Refer to Coversheet example

  • Third: You will be directed to approach the 'starting line', which is towards the mall perimeter road next to I-5.

  • Finally: You will be sent on your way, as traffic allows.

Additional information must be recorded on the route book coversheet. It is strongly recommended that once on the mall perimeter road you find a safe spot to pull over, out of the traffic lanes, to complete the coversheet and read the instructions on the second page of the route book.

You will receive a registration packet when you check in or upon registration. The label on the front of the envelope lists your car number, please record that on the route instructions coversheet. This is used for record keeping purposes.

Once that is completed, you can begin your rallye adventure, but remember this is a fun, light-hearted endeavor and should not be taken seriously.

One last thing: Safety First!

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