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Your Arrival & Parking

Please Note the NEW change for 2019 below!

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Download the waiver form here

Due to the large number of cars and the resulting congestion around the mall stores, it became necessary to change our procedure.

Since 2017 we have used a more simple approach. We will fill our assigned portion of the mall parking lot on a first-come, first-served approach. As you enter the parking area, you will be given a waiver form and be directed to park in rows beginning along the South end of our assigned parking area. We will then continue filling the rows towards the North, in the direction of the Macy's store. All persons in your car must sign the waiver form. Take the form, once signed by all persons in your car, with you to the check-in/registration tent.

Please be kind and comply with this procedure so that we can get you parked as quickly as possible. Thus you can check-in (if pre-registered) or complete your day-of-event registration and begin mingling with your friends and view the wide assortment of cars ASAP.

Once you have parked your car, please have all persons in your car sign the waiver form and take it to the check-in/registration tent. You will be given your packet that contains important information about the rallye and your red door prize drawing ticket. The door prize drawing will occur in the afternoon after the cars return and while we score your gimmick answers. Be sure to tear off one half of the ticket and place it in the drawing can.

NEW for 2019!

At check-in, after you receive your packet, you will be directed to turn in the signed waiver form. You will be handed a card that indicates the number of people that signed the form. This card is your 'receipt' which you must show to the starter to get your route book - keep it handy and safe!

Please refer to the image below:

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